Recent publication on Hyde Park Photography magazine

One from my collection of Sadhus at Kolkata got published on Hyde Park Photography magazine. The link of the web version of the magazine is below.

My original post in flickr is here.


Sadhus in India and photographers always make a great combination. This one I took long back in 2009. This is one of those occasions when at the time of setting the right exposure you know you are about to create a permanent frame in your collection. In fact I was a bit obsessed with this photo sometime back and while visiting a friend’s place (who is a brilliant painter), I took up a pencil and tried to see if I had forgotten the art of painting! The result was this …

Drawing on Paper | Lazy Saturday

What I see is that flickr has really evolved as a great medium for communication between people interested in photography. Probably it is by far the best and easiest user friendly network available now.

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