Oly…an angel is born

Proudly presenting to the world, our little bundle of joy “Oly”. Today is her 19th day on earth!

This is after almost 6 years, whoa! Coming alive once again in my domain.


For a long time photography was on hold; mere occasional clicks and that was it. Neither a proper photo walk, nor a solo journey. Time I spent mostly on studies; exploring foods and traveling. The first leg of my photography adventures really started in 2006 when I got my first job in Bangalore, India. It was with a Canon 400D or as it was called the Rebel Xti those days. Weekdays in Bangalore mostly were spent on coding software applications. Weekends meant trekking, photo shoots and what not. I met so many people in a rather short span. Left Bangalore after about couple of years and moved towards Eastern part of India, towards my home town Kolkata. Kolkata was a good experience for photography, exploring the nook and corner of the city and beyond was tremendous fun. I could relate more to Street photography than travel. We founded a group called Kolkata Weekend Shoots, the experience was very rich. I made good friends, indulged into weekend food along with shoots. Kolkata was a remarkable experience.

After about five years, we came back to Bangalore again few years back. Second innings in Bangalore was crazy in terms of working hours. It was truly demanding, photography took a back seat. It took time and patience to get adjusted to the crazy work schedule.

Early 2017 after a hectic day at work in Hong Kong, I went to check out a mall which deals exclusively in camera and lenses. Everything related to camera, you get it here. About ninety nine percent of the shops are selling only camera and accessories. They deal in new as well as refurbished ones. I chanced upon a beauty, in mint condition. Something triggered me from inside, got the 5D back to hotel. Someone whispered, it is a fresh start yet again. :-)

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