Ayan Khasnabis

PrEsEnCe is all about Ayan’s works. Mostly dedicated to his passion called photography and few tales from his diary pages.

Ayan Khasnabis was born in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. He started his career with one of the most respected IT vendors of the world. Currently he is working with one of the biggest financial institutes in risk analytics sphere. In spite of busy schedule he loves walking down the streets with his camera. Street photography being one of his main areas of interest he loves to spend time on streets, alleyways of small towns and villages and loves to study the daily life of people in activities.

Conference calls and meetings are part of his daily schedule; but often he switches his phone off and hits the road alone.

If you want to discuss anything about photography or share a plan or anything random under the sun, do drop him a mail. He would love to write back to you.

Drop Ayan a mail at admin@ayan.co.in


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  1. debanjan ghosh 11.28.08 / 3am

    anekdin por eto jibonto chhobi dekhlam. chhobir je pran thakte pare onekei realise korte pare na. tor hate sottii chhobigulor pran protishtha hoyechhe. ekjon photographer-er er theke beshi bodh hoy kichhu acheive korar thakte pare na. khuuuuuub-i bhalo legechhe. protyasha aro bere gelo. Wish u all the best.

  2. winni 11.28.08 / 3am

    you make some very impressiv pictures, unfortunately a little bit small to view :-) greetings from germany

  3. Linda 12.30.08 / 8am

    your photographs talk to me. best wishes.

  4. Mary 12.30.08 / 8am

    got to know from a dear friend of mine. beautiful work. your photos are treat to eye. dear Ayan, click more and share.

  5. rajiv 12.30.08 / 8am

    Brother, this is a wonderful site. your snaps are awesome. good work. Bravo! Street photographs are just amazing.

  6. anil tiwade 01.14.09 / 10am

    Dear Ayan,

    i found you when while searching reference to my newborn baby’s name !
    and i must say i found more than, i look for !
    fantastic work & really fascinating snaps.. u have a god’s gift !


  7. admin 01.14.09 / 9pm

    Anil, thank you for your kind message.

  8. Tanmoy 01.20.09 / 11pm

    Ayan - I am so happy to have your comment on my blog. Thank you. However, I am happier to see your work. Indeed impressive. Keep capturing many moods of the city where I was born.

    Shall love to interact more often.


  9. admin 01.20.09 / 11pm

    Sure. We will.

  10. Andrew 02.11.09 / 4am

    Beautiful work mate. Much appreciated. Got this link from one of the studios here in San Francisco. The guy was showing me some wedding photography across the globe.

    I have seen your recent collection in flickr, amazing work friend. I have a little point and shoot camera, you have certainly inspired me to take it out for a fungi cleaning. I may be visiting India soon, fell in love with India after seeing your work. Kudos!

  11. Sathish 03.26.09 / 2am

    Hai Ayan
    Great work by you…..
    Haven’t experienced such a feeling before…..
    your photos just washed away my minds and was just watching it again and again……..
    Expecting more from you.

    Take care


  12. admin 03.26.09 / 3am

    Thanks for your kind messages Andrew and Sathish.

  13. Aniket Chattopadhyay 06.28.09 / 10pm

    Your pictures are mindblowing. It talks more than it shows…superb. i became a fan of yours.

  14. arpita 08.05.09 / 1am

    hi.. was searching a website ayanghosh.com wen came across urs!!! its a wonderful wrk u do that impresses.. each one a story in itself ….. keep it up!!!

  15. admin 08.07.09 / 4am

    Thanks Aniket and Arpita for the kind words. Glad that you liked it.

  16. Imran 10.23.09 / 3am

    Highly impressive.. Extremely moving!

  17. Bhargav Saikia 11.15.09 / 6am

    Hi Ayan,

    I’ve just sent you an email regarding use of a particular photo. Do check. Waiting for your reply.


  18. snigdha 02.23.10 / 1am

    Great going Ayan. Wish you all the best. :-)

  19. shreya 03.26.10 / 7am

    u have done a great work.whish you good luck in life

  20. Sarbani 05.29.10 / 10am

    You are just awesome. I am deeply touched. Keep this flowing. I will wait for more.

  21. Mamta 05.29.10 / 10am

    Hii, first time chanced upon this! Cool work man..

  22. Simant 07.06.10 / 1pm

    Hi Ayan bhai ,

    I too have a passion for photography but at learning stage…i came to know about you from one of my frnd after coming to BBSR DC…but could’t get chance to see ur work..today i just thought of searching ur work and found ur website..really nice work…each of ur pic convey some story….Wish if u could have stayed in BBSR DC then i would have improved my skills for photography…..:(…anywayz best of luck for ur future…

  23. Kunal Banerjee 08.04.10 / 8am

    Hi, ayan Da Outstandinng work… I am absolutely speechless, I was chasing some good pic on kolkata and came across ur photography taken at kumor tooly….. become urs true fan…

  24. Arvind 07.14.11 / 7am

    You met my parents on the ‘Doon Express’ from DDN to Howrah; who pointed me to your website. Truly remarkable photographs. Would love to get tips on how you manage your time between work and travel since I’m a bit of a travel / photography buff as well. Cheers !

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