New Hobby!

I got a new hobby! I started capturing short videos on my phone. Random moments, regular activities; bits and pieces of life. Possibly after a while will try to stitch all together to make a meaningful collage.

This year I got more time to experiment stuff. Started biking few months back. Bought a Dahon foldable bike. It is fun going to different places mostly in New Territories. Even capturing biking videos are nice. I was initially thinking about that and was looking at gadgets like Go Pro or motion cams. Later on thought it might be better to start right away with recording things. As and when I feel the need for a professional gear, will go for that. For now, my iPhone should be decent enough to capture small clips. Let’s see how it goes.

The other day went to Island side to make a short footage. Nothing great so far, not much thought process into it. If I still continue with it; will think about doing some short documentaries. After all, Hong Kong offers quite a bit of photo opportunities. Till then, see my first tries on this page.

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